Have you ever considered to use Design Thinking for education?
Playroom goes bett!

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is an excellent approach to discover new possibilities, when there is a lot of uncertainty. And now it comes; you can also use it perfectly in education.

Design Thinking is a completely human-centered approach to innovation, it can be used to develop products, services and processes. It is not only an innovation process for problem solving, but also a toolkit and a mindset.

How to start? Use THINK!

We have designed new tools to start working with Design Thinking, even when you have never worked with this method before. To give a small team a first impression of working with Design Thinking we designed FLIP THINK. A fun and crisp Design Thinking process which comes on a Flipchart sized paperpad.

With our FLIP THINK you can experience the easiness and simplicity of the structured innovation method by following the steps on the flipchartpaper.  FLIP is easy to handle, because it is portable and can be used anywhere also with a smaller group of students.

Curious how to use Flip THINK in education? Come and meet us at Bett in London from 29-31 March - Booth NG51

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