Case Studies

Case HS Augsburg

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences + Playroom

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and Playroom have developed a space that uses agile and innovative methods to provide a new approach to science.

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Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

With over 6,600 students from 70 nations, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest universities for applied sciences in Bavarian Swabia. One of the university‘s tasks is to make science more tangible for business and society in the surrounding area and to apply new, agile working methods.

Project overview

Realization period:
December 2020 – today

Target groups for Version 1.0:
Faculty members and students at Augsburg University, regional stakeholders from the economy and the public sector

Future outlook:
Expansion of knowledge transfer to new target groups, wider range of methods

Case HS Augsburg

Playroom + Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

The experts at Playroom have developed the InToSpace. „InTo“ stands for „Innovate Together“. This already describes the purpose of this innovation space. In the InToSpace, students learn new methodologies. Project teams can work on specific topics and tasks. External companies and public institutions can rent the space for workshops on innovation and development topics.

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The InToSpace

The InToSpace can be modularly adapted for the use of different methods. For example, in the field of Design Thinking for the further development of existing solutions. Or with the approach of Futures Thinking, which takes up current trends as a basis for the development of internal innovations. University employees are trained in the relevant methods in train-the- trainer sessions.

We want to develop an innovation mindset internally and make the benefits of science more tangible for business and society in our region.
Case HS Augsburg

Next Steps

The InToSpace is not only intended to help the university as an important element in the further development of its own ideation and innovation processes.
It also serves as a space where agile working and the advantages of New Work can be experienced by science, business and also public service providers.

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