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We strongly believe innovation is an iterative process. That means that every design, every product and every methodological framework represents a snapshot made at a specific moment in time. This means focussing on getting to the best possible output at that point in time, while knowing that new iterations will certainly follow. These future iterations will be a result of co-creative exchange and user feedback within the scope of a “build, measure, learn” strategy. We share this constant beta mindset and passion for trying out new approaches when we work with our clients and international research and development partners.

Playroom Workshop

Playroom Community

The PLAYROOM community brings together people who oversee processes, lead workshops and/or support people in their innovative and creative work with others. Talking to trainers, coaches, innovators and organisations that provide workshop and innovation spaces is a essential factor for us when it comes to developing our PLAYROOM tools.

Playroom Workshop

We believe that involving the people who work with PLAYROOM tools is key to successful development of tools and processes, allowing us to grow and learn together.

PLAYROOM Vienna is the home of the PLAYROOM community, which is also available to hire for workshops and events.

Playroom research and development partners

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