Our Team

portrait rene massatti

Rene Massatti

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Rene is a frequent workshop host and keynote speaker on 3 continents and has +17 years of experience in working with international corporates and organizations in the area of innovation management. He holds a master degree in economics, focusing on international marketing and management and is also lecturer for trend-based innovation at Vienna´s University of Business and Economics, the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich and the University of Colombo.

portrait alex wolf

Alexander Wolf

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Alexander is the creative soul of Playroom. As the creative director, he focuses on the continuous development of room elements, be it on a client's request or to implement the latest trends and advances in terms of technology and processes. He graduated in Product and Industrial Design from the University of Art and Design in Linz. Along his career, he already founded an agency for product design and managed it successfully for 8 years while conceptualizing, developing and realizing numerous products, exhibition appearances and signposting systems.

portrait norbert hillinger

Norbert Hillinger


Norbert is originally from Austria, but lives and works in Berlin. For the last 10 years he has been active in trend and innovation consulting. He accompanies brands in the development of their innovation management process, provides consulting service in the application of new technologies and the conception of modern marketing campaigns. Additionally, he is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop host on future oriented topics. When he is not busy he tries to spend as much time as possible at the water to pursue another passion of his, kitesurfing.

portrait saskia wiencek

Saskia Wiencek

Project Manager

Saskia was born in Berlin and completed her studies of European Media Sciences in 2012. In her thesis she dealt with gamification. Since she attended the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI), she has been working as a coach and plans and conducts workshops. Additionally, Saskia is working as an editor in the field of TV and documentaries. When not working, Saskia loves surfing and doing yoga.

portrait david stanoev

David Stanoev

Product Manager

The biggest thrill for David is to look into the future. At Playroom, he discovers how companies can get involved in trends and achieve innovations. Experiences in the startup and VC area, at a marketing agency, supporting a social venture in West Africa, in marketing & sales for IT companies and a legal training in the USA represent the cornerstones of his profile. His academic background is focused on Business Law and International Marketing.

portrait Nina Melbinger

Nina Melbinger

Product Designer

Nina is a native Viennese and currently studies Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna ("Angewandte"). Also apart from her studies, Nina is engaging in both design and art. During an internship at the Guggenheim Collection in Venice, she deepened her passion for modern art. As she appreciates Italy for its richness in design and, she also spent six months in Milan to study interior design and art at the Politecnico di Milano. At Playroom, Nina is working at realizing projects in the areas of product development and graphic design.

portrait Nick Brunner

Nick Brunner

Project Manager

Nick, who was born and raised in Italy, currently lives in Vienna where he completed his studies in International Business Administration at the University of Economics and Business. Due to his specializations in international marketing management and consumer behavior, he has been constantly engaged in innovation and other future oriented topics, which is how he ultimately found his way to Playroom. When he is not holding some game ball in his hand, Nick is probably tinkling on his piano.

portrait Isabella Bogner-Schuster



Isabella acquired 22 years of experience in tax consultancy before changing fronts one year ago by making it her ambition to serve clients directly and to look after their corporate accounting. This way she can actively support the creative minds of Playroom behind the scenes with meaningful figures. She is a native Viennese and finds balance with her two favorite humans or by hiking cross-country - gladly doing so by savoring a good drop of wine and a wonderful view over vineyards.

portrait Georg Michalik

Georg Michalik


Georg is an organizational developer with heart and soul. With his company Michalik CoCreation, he guides companies in change processes. He also works as a coach and trainer with executives all over the world. Georg studied psychology in Mannheim and received his doctorate in Zurich. For many years, he headed the personnel and organizational development departments of well-known companies at corporate level. Born in Germany, he lives with his family near Zurich.

portrait Matthias Lenssen

Matthias Lenssen

Product Developer

Matthias supports Playroom with the development of products and ideas. He studied communication science and worked for over ten years with corporates developing innovations as an innovation coach. Besides that, he is working on his vision by hosting a creative space for co-working and co-living in the "Bergische Land“ near Cologne.

portrait Werner Gregori

Werner Gregori

Art Director

Werner creates with a lot of experience, vision and attention for detail as an art director for already over 20 years while always keeping a well-conceived concept in mind. Numerous brands, companies and institutions carry his signature - from logos and websites up to advertising campaigns. His work was awarded nationally as well as internationally. At the "Graphische" in Vienna, he is active as lecturer for advertisement and design. Werner loves to travel and to learn something new. He receives his daily dose of social media training and trend updates by his teenage son.