The double-sided FRAME modules can frame your thoughts in a wall or triangulare set-up. These environmentally friendly panels made from cardboard provide the base for a whiteboard space where you can keep track of inspiration and ideas as they come to you. Alternatively, you can use them to display printed and magnetic versions of our PLAYROOM Essentials prozesses.

The standard Terminal setup is a combination of two triangle and two straight wall elements building in its center an arena with 4 meters of wall space. Perfect for presentations and trainings or a workshop.

The Playroom Essentials prozesses are available as printed magentic sheets that can be easely attached to the Terminal elements.

A set of 18 magentic sheets covers the front side of the standard Terminal and shows one of the PLAYROOM Essentials prozess in full size and offers an overall view over the whole prozess. The structured and playful design invites everybody to get started.

Wanna learn more about the PLAYROOM Essentials?

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