THINK Series
intuitive & everywhere

The THINK series from PLAYROOM offer a first impression of working with design thinking. It is not just a process, it is a mindset and an iterative approach which can be used to develop products, services and processes. If you have any issues or ideas coming up that you’re keen to pursue in a simple yet structured way; use PLAYROOM’s THINK series

Now available as STARTER KIT including an online workshop session!


FLIP THINK is a portable solution that can be set up in no time. Flip is designed for flexible use, so it’s an ideal solution when you’re on the go or for smaller teams. It’s ideal for relatively small teams too. With Flip, your group can let their thoughts flow freely and stay on track to achieve their goal by following the step-by-step approach. Flip is another intuitive Playroom product, which is also ideal for beginners. Flip turns any space into an idea hub.


Within a matter of hours, you can work through your ideas, problems or a learning process in a fun and interactive way. Together as a team, you can come to a result that puts the user right at the center.

Videos and 35 explanatory facilitation cards, a user guide and tips and tricks in an A5 format are available to help teams and facilitators on their journey through the Playroom THINK process.

Do you want to dive deeper into the Design Thinking methodology and having a go for yourself? Our Playroom team will be more than happy to help you.

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