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Innovations start with a first stroke of ink. Or rather a circle? On Playboards, you can jot down your thoughts as they come to you and erase the ones that don’t work – on and on until you achieve what you set out to achieve.
Playboard comes in different versions to suit you:

  • the handy multi-functional toolbox,
  • the small whiteboard,
  • and the medium whiteboard that doubles up as a flip chart.

Integrated elements even allow for two Playboards to be connected to form a practical A-frame stand.

You can set up the Playboard Small to be landscape or portrait. And it works perfectly both as a table-top or free-standing solution.

Ready for a new and improved look? The A-Stand Medium is the bright and colourful alternative to the trusty flip chart stand, but this one you can place as well on the table! Combine it with our DONKEY Jr. and you even have a mobile writable, double sides flipchart!

Clean desk policies created the need for a tool that can transform an empty desk into a personalized workspace. Our aproach:
A fusion of a toolbox and a whiteboard.

Workshop facilitators often need various tools and accessories to use during their sessions. Toolbox offers organised storage to make sure all your tools are at hand, right when you need them.
Toolbox‘s two high-quality enamelled steel boards make it easy for users to organise their thoughts and tasks, take notes and personalise their temporary workspace.

Donkey Jr.
mobile & flexible

Donkey Jr. is a trustwothy companion that takes you on a ride or if you need to sit down for a while.

He stores workshop stuff as well, but his real mission is going for a compact, agile  solution:

to be a modular, customizeable workstation…

Take two Playboards medium and put them together forming an A-Stand. Donkey Jr. loves piggybacking and showing it around.

Add a Flipchart-Bar and now we are talking about the coolest, functional, good looking mobile stand you’ve ever seen. Double sided, no ugly backside!

Add a Playroom Toolbox and you are all set.

Now, picture the Personal Donkey. It’s a small and handy sidekick that’s ready with everything you need. You can easily take it to your favorite spot to work and find all your tools right there. It’s got a personal whiteboard, toolbox, and a place to keep stuff, so any room can turn into a meeting or workshop spot in no time.

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