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We are Playroom. Playroom by edding. We strive to transform traditional office and lecture hall settings into dynamic and innovative spaces and turn people into idea generators, problem solvers, and thought leaders. And we do this with colorful tools, fresh thinking, and a lot of empathy.


Whiteboards, workshops and know-how

Playroom has everything you need for creativity and innovation: products, services, tools, and know-how – all under one roof. Our offerings include mobile whiteboards, workshop accessories, pre-built workshop frameworks, and customized workshops.

At Playroom, our name speaks for itself: we combine fun with knowledge transfer.

Our mission is to make meetings and workshops more enjoyable and productive by infusing them with elements of fun, playfulness, and innovation. Our colorful and mobile whiteboard solutions, combined with our unique workshop frameworks, create an inspiring environment that makes the development of new products, services, processes, or entire business models an enjoyable, playful experience.

If you want more, our Playroom experts provide guidance and support throughout the innovation process with interactive workshops customized to your needs. 

THINK im Einsatz


Think. Create. Repeat.

Creating playgrounds of innovation.
We believe that any room can be transformed into an inspiring innovation laboratory that helps organizations leverage the potential of their employees’ talents.

That’s why we have crafted a comprehensive range of colorful, mobile, and sustainable whiteboard and flipchart solutions, bringing the spirit of “play” to the workplace.

Workshops and trainings

At Playroom, we’ve spent years in lecture halls, innovation labs, and meeting rooms around the world. We’ve seen and learned what unleashes ideas – and what doesn’t. We want to share this knowledge with you. Our expertise is incorporated into our unique workshop frameworks, which are based on standardized innovation processes like Design Thinking.

They are presented in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format for immediate use in innovation management, education, product development, business development, or strategic marketing. Introducing the Playroom Essentials!

Workshop-Gruppe vor IMPACT-Walls

One Playroom, many advantages!

At Playroom, you don’t just get tools and know-how.
You get more. Much more.

Inspiring settings

Gray workshop settings are no longer the norm. We believe a vibrant and playful environment allows great ideas to flow and flourish.

Fresh thinking

We aim to foster innovation and embrace novel approaches. We encourage critical thinking, entrepreneurialism, and fresh ideas.

Innovation with fun

Playful innovation: Facilitating collaboration and promoting teamwork leads to new ideas and processes that everyone supports.

Practical tools

All our solutions are mobile, lightweight, and compact to transform any workplace into an inspiring workshop space in seconds.

Know-how in form

We have expertise in innovation and the path to achieve it. In our solutions, we present this knowledge in a simple and enjoyable manner.

Simple and easy

Make workshop preparation simple with Playroom: everything you need for your workshop is quickly at hand and ready to be used. 

One-stop service

Do you need a creative work tool or do you want us to set up an entire innovation process? With Playroom, you have the choice.

Quality from Europe

We prioritize sustainable materials and modern design. Our tools and processes are of the highest quality – designed in Austria, made in Europe.

Playroom references

We have already helped numerous companies, start-ups, co-working spaces, universities, and educational institutions with our products and workshops.

Aarhus University, Denmark

Caritas Vienna, Austria

The Emirates Academy, VAE

HS Aalen,

University of Economics, AT

HS Augsburg, Germany

Pronova BKK, Germany

NHL Stenden, Netherlands

WFG Borken, Germany

Vienna Airport, Austria

Do you want to know more?

Our Playroom experts are happy to assist you.