part of edding group

Bringing boring meetings to an end.

The two founders René Massatti and Alexander Wolf observed that uninteresting meetings consume motivation, time and energy. They decided it was time to make a change.

It was time to create inspiring work environments that foster innovation, thought leadership, and entrepreneurship and bring the fun back into meeting rooms worldwide.

The two complement each other perfectly: While René runs the business at Playroom, organizes customer workshops, and controls the content, Alexander takes care of the graphics and design of the products. 

Together, they take care of the strategic direction and steer Playroom towards the future.

Part of the edding Group

All the things the young entrepreneurs did made the company what it is today – mature and a part of edding.

In 2021, Playroom merged with the edding corporation and quickly became an innovative brand within the group.

Playroom is in the same business area as Legamaster’s Collaboration at Work (COWO) brand. With the support of a large corporation, the Playroom journey continues.

Our goal remained unchanged: to make work, learning, and teaching more creative, efficient, and enjoyable. You can learn how on the For the office and For the brain pages.

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