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Innovation Space concept for Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

The Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and Playroom have developed an Innovation Space concept that utilizes agile and innovative methods to enable a different approach to science.

With over 6,600 students from 70 nations, Augsburg hosts one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Bavarian Swabia.

One of the tasks of the university is to make science more understandable and tangible for surrounding businesses and society and to implement new and agile working methods.

The team at Playroom collaborated to create InToSpace, which stands for “Innovate Together.” This innovation space is designed to facilitate learning for students and enable project teams to work on specific topics and tasks. Additionally, external organizations such as companies and public institutions can rent the space for workshops on innovation and development topics.

Realization Period:
December 2020 – today

Target Groups for version 1.0:
Faculty members and students at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, regional stakeholders from business and the public sector

Expansion of knowledge transfer to new target groups, broadening the range of methods


InToSpace can be modularly adapted to use different methods. For example, Design Thinking can be used to further develop existing solutions, and Future Thinking can consider current trends as a basis for developing innovations. University employees were trained in the relevant methods in train-the-trainer sessions.

Next Steps

InToSpace is not only intended to help the university as an essential element in developing its own ideation and innovation processes. It also serves as a place where agile working and the advantages of New Work for science, business, and public service providers can be experienced.

We want to develop an innovation mindset internally and increase the understanding of the benefits of science for business and society in our region.

Robert Dölle, Msc
Project Manager Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

The Augsburg University of Applied Sciences has created an innovation space with InToSpace. This is intended to enable new access to science.

Thanks to Playroom’s expertise and agile workshop methods, a spatial concept promoting creativity and new ideas was created.

InToSpace is also open to local companies looking for the right environment to develop their products or processes further.

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